Posted on: July 30, 2010 4:11 pm

Sports Blog Depression and Rememberance

So I wanted to add someone else to my favorites list, but couldn't.  Had to delete some old ones first.  Had like 20 people that used to be banned.  I know some of them made new accounts, but what is amazing is how many that weren't banned...great posters, that just don't come around anymore.  It doesn't surprise me.  These boards used to be a great place.  The trolls are all over CBS now.  And I ponder why I keep coming back.  Sheer hope that the quality of this site might return to it's former glory.  Sure, they're more accounts than ever.  Bet you 50% of accounts nowadays are just repeat accounts.  50% of the other half are just trolls.  And the other quarter left of the total population?  I bet you 80% of them, are just idiots, most of which like to shout one liners.  Almost like a troll, but not quite.  They're just stupid.

Cardiff Giant
i bleed green

this is just a short list of just Pennsylvania posters.  I used to know so many more posters.  Who remembers Silver Dragon?  Expert with football picks. 

It's amazing how something so good, could turn out to be such a former shell of itself in a few short years.  I'm almost ready to bid my adieu too.  However, there are still some good posters around.  Thankfully, they keep some of the sanity around here.

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